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Routine Appointments with a GP are available in the morning, afternoon and early evening.  These appointments can be booked well in advance,usually with the GP of your choice, depending on who is on duty.  We also offer morning, afternoon and early evening appointments with our Nursing Team, and these can also be booked well in advance.

Urgent Appointments – in addition to our routine appointments, we have a limited number of urgent appointments for those who need to be seen sooner.  If our routine appointments are fully booked, we will see patients for an urgent problem only in accordance with a GP’s assessment of your clinical need. In order to determine your clinical need, our Receptionists will ask for brief details of your urgent problem to pass-on to the Duty GP who may telephone you for more details, or ask you to come in to the Surgery.  We are not able to accommodate minor ailments and self-limiting conditions, such as colds, as urgent appointments.  For minor conditions, your local Pharmacy offers free help and advice without the need for an appointment, and if needed they will direct you to your GP – you may also be able to get medication free from the Pharmacy under the Common Ailments scheme.

When you request an appointment at the Surgery (whether it is a Routine or Urgent appointment), it is usual for our Reception team to ask for some brief details in order to help us direct you to the right person to help you, which may not always be a GP.  You do not have to give this information, but it will help you and other patients to be seen more quickly and to get the right care when you need it.  Please be assured that our Receptionists are not being nosy – the questions they ask you will help our clinicians to prioritise their workload and identify genuine urgent problems. 

We understand that being unable to get an appointment when you want one can be frustrating, and we will do our best to help you. Please treat our Reception staff with courtesy and respect, so that they can do their job and offer you the appointment you need.

** If you experience severe chest pain, collapse, severe breathing difficulties, have one-sided weakness or slurred speech or severe bleeding, please dial 999 immediately **

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