St. David’s & Solva Surgery – GP collaboration

As you may be aware, Solva Surgery has been a single-handed practice for some months, led by Dr Sujan Dhaduvai with locum support.  From June St. David’s also became a single-handed practice under Dr Ingrid Kauschinger, with support from our Advanced Nurse Practitioner and locum GPs.

As with very many other surgeries locally, regionally and nationally, both practices have found recruiting a new GP more difficult than ever before.   This is down to a number of complex factors including fewer young GPs wanting to take on the responsibilities and business liabilities of partnership, falling incomes in smaller rural practices and record numbers of GPs leaving the profession.  Workload pressures are mounting on the doctors who remain.

In order to protect important services, Dr Kauschinger and Dr Dhaduvai have agreed a number of measures to collaborate and provide mutual support.  This includes some cross-cover between the practices, including evenings between 6-6.30pm.

This means that from June 2017 Dr Kauschinger and Dr Dhaduvai will share the handling of urgent requests for a GP between 6-6.30pm on weeknights.  Patients who need to speak to a GP urgently between these times should phone their practice as normal and your call will be handled as normal in your own practice or referred on to the GP in the other practice, depending on who is on duty that evening.  Urgent requests will always be responded to by a GP and will be assessed promptly.  As before medical emergencies should dial 999 or attend A&E.

Doors will close in both practices at 6pm with a telephone service maintained until 6.30pm when we handover to Care On Call.

In order to maintain patient safety when dealing with each other’s patients, Dr Kauschinger and Dr Dhaduvai have formally agreed to share access to the electronic records of their respective patients on a need-to-know basis, where and when this access is essential to care for a patient.  This means that if you need a GP urgently during these times, the GP at the other practice will be able to access your records via a secure computer link.  This access is important to ensure the GP can see your records and make an entry to record their consultation.

Dr Kauschinger and Dr Dhaduvai would like to thank patients for their continued support.